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Blackburn with Darwen LSCB advocates multi-agency training and ongoing professional development as a fundamental element of a safe, effective and skilled workforce.

Everyone shares a responsibility for safeguarding, protecting and promoting the welfare of children, irrespective of individual roles. Nevertheless, in order that organisations and practitioners collaborate effectively, it is vital that all partners who work with children are aware of, and appreciate, the role that each of them play, especially in times of austerity.

Research¹ has shown that inter-agency training is highly effective in helping professionals understand their respective roles and responsibilities, the procedures of each agency involved in safeguarding children and in developing a shared understanding of assessment and decision-making practices.

Furthermore, the opportunity to learn together is greatly valued; participants report increased confidence in working with colleagues from other agencies and greater mutual respect.

¹ Carpenter et al (2009) The Organisation, Outcomes and Costs of Inter-Agency Training to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

Children and Young People Competencies

The LSCB Children and Young People Competencies is a framework that provides employers and employees with a benchmark for the minimum standard of competence highlighted as good practice in Working Together (2015). It can be used as a reference document to develop specific learning/development programmes for individuals or utilised in full as evidence of safeguarding competence by managers, leaders or supervisors as part of appraisal processes.

Please click below to access the LSCB CYP Competencies

LSCB CYP Competencies Final March 2017

Safer Working Practice Guidance for Adults who work with Children and Young People

The ‘Safer Working Practice Guidance for Adults who work with Children and Young People’ contains information for all staff and volunteers in an education setting. It sets out clearly the professional boundaries and behaviours expected of adults who work with children and young people. This document complements but does not replace or take priority over advice or codes of conduct produced by employers or national bodies.

Please click below to access the LSCB Safer Working Practice Guidance

BwD LSCB Safer Working Practice Guidance – Final

2019/2020 Safeguarding Training Opportunities

This framework has been developed for all staff (paid and unpaid) from all statutory, voluntary and independent agencies across Blackburn and Darwen. The important issue is that people are appraised, and trained, based on their roles relating to safeguarding children, young people and adults at risk.

It is the aim of the Children Safeguarding Assurance Partnership (CSAP) and Local Safeguarding Adult Board (LSAB) to commission and provide high quality training in a safe and reflective learning environment which ensures that the key outcomes for multi-agency work to safeguard, protect and promote the welfare of children, young people and adults at risk.

All the learning and development opportunities you find in this training programme focus on supporting those working at various levels of responsibility for safeguarding. The training is aimed to equip all staff with the knowledge and skills required to operate safely, competently and effectively in partnership with other agencies.

Click the link below to download the Training Programme

Training Programme 2019-20

Prevent Duty: catalogue of training courses

This catalogue has been produced by the Home Office to highlight some of the training courses to help individuals covered by the requirements of the Prevent Duty, contained in Section 26 of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015. The courses within this catalogue aim to support frontline staff in increasing their understanding and awareness of radicalisation and how it can be prevented. To access this please click on the link below:

The Channel General Awareness e-learning is no longer available.

It has been replaced by Home Office Prevent eLearning, three packages are currently available

Prevent Awareness
This offers an introduction to the Prevent duty, and explains how it aims to safeguard vulnerable people from being radicalised to supporting terrorism or becoming terrorists themselves.

Prevent Referrals
This package builds on the Prevent awareness eLearning training. It is designed to make sure that when we share a concern that a vulnerable individual may be being radicalised, that the referral is robust, informed and with good intention, and that the response to that concern is considered, and proportionate.

Channel Awareness
This training package is for anyone who may be asked to contribute to, sit on, or even run a Channel Panel. It is aimed at all levels, from a professional asked to input and attend for the first time, to a member of staff new to their role and organising a panel meeting.

Keep Them Safe – CSE Training

Keep them safe is a free online learning tool from Pace and Virtual College which has been accessed by more than 29,000 parents and professionals (as of March 2016).

Although the course is aimed at parents, safeguarding professionals will also find this 20-30 minute e-learning training course a valuable source of information to:

  • find out more about child sexual exploitation
  • learn the signs and indicators of when a child might be being exploited
  • understand the impact child sexual exploitation can have on families
  • know what to do if you suspect a child might be at risk of this abuse.

To find out more and sign up, please visit the link:

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

The following provides a link to a free online learning course on FGM, provided by The Home Office

FGM E-Learning Course

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Training and Resource

Please find below a link to the Modern Slavery Awareness and Victim Identification Guidance, produced by the Home Office. This covers questions including ‘what is modern slavery’, ‘the law’ and ‘types of modern slavery’. The guidance also includes some case studies. To view the document, please click on the link below:


Please also find below a link to the Government’s Modern Slavery training resource page:

Child Sexual Exploitation

Please find below a link to an approved Department of Health online learning resource: Combating Child Sexual Exploitation for Health Professionals.

It contains key learning and messages in relation to CSE and for non-health professionals can be utilised until the Boards Sexual Abuse and CSE online learning course is available

Safeguarding Children Workbook

A Safeguarding Children Workbook has been created to enable those persons who are not having one to one contact with children to complete their Level 1 Training.  Please click below to access the course.

We would ask you to note that this workbook does not provide you with a certificate but the book once printed off, completed and signed off by a line manager acts as proof of completing the course.  This course is a written alternative to completing the e-learning course.

Please click below to download the workbook.

Safeguarding Children Workbook 2019

Please click below to book onto a course.

If you already have an account with MeLearning, continue to use your current account and password details. If not, you will be required to self-register and set up an account to access all online and face to face courses. You will also be able to cancel any courses and see how many places are left on any course.  Should you have any problems please contact our Training Administration Team who will be happy to assist you.


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